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IMF Services

IMF Forums
Forums are vendor-free meetings that promote an open exchange of ideas across all aspects of IT. They provide excellent opportunities for developing your professional network while hearing real best practices from industry peers. 
IMF Web Forums
Web Forums allow members to share ideas, acquire valuable insight, and build professional networks without the need for travel. The webinars are vendor-free, extremely interactive, and cover the major functional areas in IT.  
IMF Connects
Connects are member-requested, small group discussion calls focused on your IT topic. These calls are vendor-free and allow you to address your company’s challenges by leveraging the knowledge and experience of your peers. 
IMF Reports
Reports are generated from presentations given by top IT executives on a variety of subject matter. Like all IMF services, these are vendor-free tools members can use to sharpen their skills and achieve the organization’s IT initiatives.
IT Financial Management
This is a separate group service for companies specifically interested in IT Finance. The group holds quarterly meetings and monthly conference calls to discuss topics initiated by its members, network, and share ideas.
IT Benchmark Consulting
Global Information Partners is the consulting arm of the Information Management Forum and is dedicated to exceeding client expectations in measurement and financial governance of large information technology organizations. Like The IMF, Global values open information exchange,extreme objectivity, and close client relationships. Our ideas are based on extensive experience and are not encumbered by outdated tools and models.